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E2222-b)Intellectual Property,knowledge protection and regulatory issues

Explain key knowledge (IPR) items and who owns them?

Refer to the results of any patent search carried out.

Have you conducted a “freedom to operate analysis”, and if “yes” what has been the result?

Outline the status and the strategy for knowledge protection!

If regulatory and/or standard requirements are to be fulfilled for the exploitation of the innovation, please list them, and what are the plans to meet these regulatory and/or standard requirements? 

Are you seeing any new market opportunity through regulatory requirements?


The prepared framework system will be the property of our company but we do not wish to protect it by copyright.

Our company makes use of free software, which are accessible on the Internet.

We do not plan patents in connection with the project. We studied whether in the case of the modules used in the course of project any patents were infringed upon.  

In our project the state and strategy of protecting knowledge is not relevant.

There are no regulatory and/or standards requirements during the exploitation of the innovation.


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