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E2221-a)Dissemination and exploitation of the results

Explain an initial plan for full commercialisation of the project results, i.e. own commercialisation or licensing!

Need of cooperation with third parties for own commercialisation?

Estimate of the total funding requirements?

Approximate time to first sales/employment?

How does the proposed work in Phase 1 of the SME instrument fit into the overall plan to reach market?


A very inexpensive licensing fee is indicated in our business plan for the maximization of the market effect and we also calculate inexpensive fees in the fees of services.

The estimate of the total of funding requirements of the realization of the project amounts to 2.000.000 €.

First sales are expected to be starting from the last quarter of 2016.

The proposed work in Phase 1 (feasibility study) fits into the overall plant to reach market by completing a detailed market research.

Success in the case of an ITC project is not always brought into being by the excellence of the initial idea but the incorporation of the needs of the users into the product. The success of Microsoft Word satisfied the need of users as they could get it free. In the success of Skype user friendly small IT solutions played a role. In the success of Wikipedia contents dominate.

We can help the success of the StKSS framework system if even the funding received for the preparing of the feasibility study is spent on the collection of user needs.


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