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E2112-The industrial,economic,social problem

Describe the industrial/economic/social problem to be solved!


Industrial, economical and social problems

Industrial problems:

1) The standards are of descriptive character, difficult to comprehend and their use is also difficult, although the operation and cooperation of SMEs in the European Union is inconceivable without the use of standards. After all, a lot of standards are also EU directives.

2) The problem of the globalized world (one company with several offices in several countries in several linguistic environments) also arises in the case of standards uploaded into a knowledge base. Within the EU a number of SMEs have offices in other countries too. This raises the question if a SME has customized a standard in the mother country whether there is need to make use of this standard in its offices in other countries.

If a SME has no office in another country and is not operating in an English language country, even then the need might arise that its customized standard should be available in their own language too and also in the official language of the publication, which is usually English.

That is why in the case of standards uploaded to the knowledge base, there is need for contents in at least two languages.

With software it is a natural expectation that the language of the menu items can be switched, however, the switching of the language of the contents is unusual. This has to do with not only the switching of the language of the contents, but also the switching of the country and its language; and this is novel in our project.

3) There are such international standards (e.g. the accounting standard managed by the IFRS Foundation and transferred into an EU directive), which cannot be comprehended by the users because of their complexity.

The economic problemis primarily a managerial problem to instruct and train the co-workers to use the standards, which is a recurring task. It is realized in the case of the standard uploaded into the knowledge base to “write down what you are doing and do it as you have described it!” and the standard will always be current.

The industrial and economic problems directly or indirectly may generate social problems. A good example for this is the standards pertaining to foodstuffs used energy carriers. These standards are in conflict with standards prohibiting the use of the foodstuff base as energy source.

Our innovation project providesa solution for the above problems.


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