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E2111-The objectives and the expected outcome of the project

Describe the objectives of your overall innovation project and the subsequently expected outcome!


As information technology and automation play an increasing role in most professional fields, standards become more and more important.

The software product coming into being in our StKSS project will allow theintegration of uploading the standards into a knowledge system, as well as its uploading in various languages which provides an opportunity for novel approaches.

The result of the project will be a framework system managing multilingual contents, which will help understand and use standards.

The understanding and usage of standards is difficult on the basis of an officially published standard. It is our hypothesis that if we upload a standard into a knowledge base then it will be easier to understand.

Uploading it into a knowledge base means that the original standard with descriptive character will be transferred into a web form and we will upload next to it supplemented glossaries (ontologies) about the terminology of the standard and taxonomies featured in the standard. Similarly, we would describe the frequently used cases (Use Case) with samples. We would also describe the associated standards as well as the associated publications, and furthermore the user environment of the standards, etc.

The use of the product featured in our proposal helps not only to enable easier understanding of the standard, but also provides an opportunity to transfer to another language/country scope the contents uploaded in the language/country scope.

If, for instance, a specialist prepares the knowledge base of food safety in Swiss German (deCH), by means of relatively little work invested we can transfer the contents into Swiss French (frCH) or Austrian German (deAT). By this, the knowledge of the Swiss German expert can be taken advantage of by the coworkers of other countries. In the predominant part of the cases we work in private cloud, in this way we do not infringe upon copyright.

In the case of standards we distinguish between: international and national standards, standards that are published in EU directives and national regulations, respectively, as well as in-house standards of companies. The distinction is important because it affects different copyrights.

In our project we are aiming for a unique management, use and utilization of the hierarchy of standards.

The success of reaching the market is facilitated by the fact that the existing prototype already has users and we have at our disposal substantial competencies for continued development. The missing competencies can be acquired freely from our partners. Our prototype is presented by uploading the present tender project into a knowledge base:

The risks inherent in the development of the product featured in our proposal:

Technical risk: whether we can succeed in make preparing a simple, user safe software? Financial risk: whether we will have enough funds, enough money for uploading into a knowledge base the manuals and sample standards in all EU languages? Whether we will have enough resources for promoting and advertising the program extensively?

Market risk: the majority of people are still unaware of the importance of supporting knowledge management activities with software.




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