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E2143-The solution.The comparison with other alternatives

Explain the envisaged solution (products, processes, services etc.) and highlight the advantage of your (expected) solution with respect to competing solutions!Provide a comparison with alternatives solving the same or similar problems!


The following statements can be made about a few alternative solutions, but none of these software are specialized to standards.

Ontopia Knowledge Suite is the software of Ontopia company that can be downloaded free of charge - it was intended expressly for education.

Protégé is the best known ontology editing program, which was created by the researchers and developers of Stanford University in England. Its main area of use is education but on the basis of builtin examples it is clear that a significant number of industrial uses also have occurred.

Knoodl is the software and service in one package of Revelytix . The main characteristic of the software is that it supports information management realized in the course of cooperation of communities.

OntoStudio is the product of Ontoprise. Its main characteristic that conceptual hierarchies can be created graphically and the software supports the relations already at the moment of creation by means of visualization tools.  The product of Ontoprise is successful on the market but it is capable of serving a certain number of customers with this specialized approach.

None of these products can be used without downloading a specific software onto the user’s computer. All of them needs specific staff courses to make everyone capable of exploiting their functions and take into use. As separate software products all of them contribute to the spread of isolated solutions in the SMEs.


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